Good To Be Back

Hello Blog world! It's been awhile since I've been here. I haven't had the motivation to write in awhile, I'm not sure why. It felt like the spark wasn't there anymore. I though moving to a new state would bring new experiences, in turn letting the creative juices flow, but I just haven't had the … Continue reading Good To Be Back

How to Deal With Job Rejection

Rejection sucks, no two ways about it. You think you found the perfect opportunity... - It's in your field - You've got the experience - You've mastered your interview style - The interviewers laugh at your dumb jokes Everything's going well. There's no way you they won't pick you! You've got them eating out of … Continue reading How to Deal With Job Rejection

Health Journal: Introduction

I've always been inconsistent when it comes to my health. I'm aware that I can live a longer and happier life by eating healthy and staying in shape, but I was always able to bat the concerns away with laziness and excuses. That all ended this year. Since January, I've been eating smaller, healthier meals … Continue reading Health Journal: Introduction