Health Journal: NOV 2018

I know this one is pretty late, but I was busy moving halfway across the country, which is a valid excuse. So what have I learned since taking up the task of getting my body in shape? Nothing new honestly, mainly just reinforcement of lessons I had already learned. Water good, sugar bad, progress slow … Continue reading Health Journal: NOV 2018


How to Deal With Job Rejection

Rejection sucks, no two ways about it. I think I've found the perfect job opportunity: In the right area In the field I'm working towards Job description involves skills I have Maybe I don't have as much experience as they're looking for, but I can make up for it with passion, enthusiasm, charm, and a … Continue reading How to Deal With Job Rejection

Health Journal: OCT 2018

Two months now since I started my new health regime and I have to keep reminding myself that's a relatively short amount of time. Whenever I'm scrolling through r/progresspics for inspiration and searching the web for new workout routines, I keep wondering why there has not been a more noticeable effect. It seems like I've … Continue reading Health Journal: OCT 2018

Health Journal: AUG – SEP 2018

With this new found confidence from the 12 lbs I dropped the previous six months, I decided to focus my attention on a strict diet and workout routine. Back in Dallas, my workout routine was a 20 min. treadmill exercise: part running, part walking. I started with 75% walking and 25% running, slowly progressing to … Continue reading Health Journal: AUG – SEP 2018

Health Journal: JAN – JUL 2018

This post is to fast-track my progress to the current day. I'm clumping in half of the year because there was little change to my self-prescribed regimen. There were a few noteworthy moments, but not enough to dedicate a blog for each month. Note: I will also be releasing another post covering August & September … Continue reading Health Journal: JAN – JUL 2018

Health Journal: Introduction

I've always been inconsistent when it comes to my health. I'm aware that I can live a longer and happier life by eating healthy and staying in shape, but I was always able to bat the concerns away with laziness and excuses. That all ended this year. Since January, I've been eating smaller, healthier meals … Continue reading Health Journal: Introduction

How I Will Get A Marketing Job In 5 “Easy” Steps

Nobody said finding the perfect job would be easy, but the lack of employer response and frequent rejection can easily deflate confidence. But instead of spiraling out of control, I could take some time to understand why I haven't been able to attain a full-fledged marketing position and head back to the drawing board. I've broken … Continue reading How I Will Get A Marketing Job In 5 “Easy” Steps