New Health Journal #1

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Striking the iron while it’s hot.

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I’m moving away from a monthly update because there have been some months where nothing has changed diet and exercise wise and I don’t have a lot to say.

Instead, I’ll update when I’ve reached an important breakthrough, and I have one today. One of the most effective goals I’ve implemented is buying clothes that are one size too small.

This has turned out to be one of my best ideas. I’m able to see my progress and my self-consciousness has dropped significantly. Progress is the best motivator and this is a great way to see the results.

I’m currently sitting at the 184-188 lbs range at the moment, which is a far cry from 240 lbs. However, I haven’t been able to escape the 180’s range for a couple months. I can’t tell if I hit a wall or if this is just the ideal weight I should maintain.

My diet and exercise rate haven’t declined, in fact, both of them have improved since moving to another state. I’m going to the gym 3-4 times a week, hiking every weekend, and my daily caloric intake on MyFitnessPal has decreased from 2140 to 1870. So I’m doing something right.

Maybe my body wasn’t meant to drop down to 150-160 lbs. Maybe I’m at an ideal weight and should focus on muscle toning now.

Normally, this stagnation would worry me, but I’ve stuck to this new healthy lifestyle for so long that my body has adapted. I don’t have to psych myself up for the gym, I just go without a second thought. The rush of dopamine from a bacon cheeseburger isn’t there anymore, being replaced with a feeling on nausea.

When I first started this new health kick, I would ask myself if this was the real deal or just a passing fad. I was worried that my motivation would decrease and eventually vanish.

A year and half later and I’m still going strong. This is a part of my life now. I’ve made it this far, I’ve dropped almost 60 lbs and I’m not looking back.



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