Health Journal: NOV 2018


I know this one is pretty late, but I was busy moving halfway across the country, which is a valid excuse.

So what have I learned since taking up the task of getting my body in shape?

Nothing new honestly, mainly just reinforcement of lessons I had already learned. Water good, sugar bad, progress slow – all that great stuff.

Pretty much the same, focusing on cardio over strength.

There is one new trick I learned when it comes to cutting down on sugar – chew more minty gum.
I acknowledge this is weird, but it is a useful tactic in cutting down my sugar intake. I used to follow the law of “you can’t eat sugary food if you don’t buy it,” but that works better when you live alone. I live with my girlfriend who has quite the sweet tooth (…and the metabolism to handle it). The point of chewing gum, much like brushing my teeth, is to dissuade me from eating anything else.

Craving sugar? I’ll have some spearmint gum instead.

It’s a nice little trick I discovered to help curb my sweet tooth.

This blog is kind of short, but this month has been more the same. It’s mainly because I was busy moving to the Seattle area.

However, December has been quite eventful because this move. Renting a new apartment, finding a new job, discovering new bars and restaurants. It will be fun, yet challenging. I’m glad I moved here with the confidence I’ve gained from this lifestyle and this blog.



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