Health Journal: OCT 2018


Two months now since I started my new health regime and I have to keep reminding myself that’s a relatively short amount of time. Whenever I’m scrolling through r/progresspics for inspiration and searching the web for new workout routines, I keep wondering why there has not been a more noticeable effect. It seems like I’ve been doing this forever, shouldn’t I be seeing results?!

It’s times like these that I need to remember that weight loss takes time.  Two months is not enough time to reach my goal weight when there are more pressing concerns. When I do reach my goal, how do I know I’ll keep it up? I need to focus away from a results-oriented approach and more on a lifestyle adjustment. If I incorporate healthy habits into my daily routine, I will reach a point where I don’t even have to think about it. This new way of thinking keeps me away from the pit of procrastination:

I’ll just exercise tomorrow.

It’s not like one more candy bar will kill me.

I’ve already been watching TV for 5 hours, so I’ll just tack on two more hours. The damage is done.

halloween+candy+pumpkinThe convenience of tomorrow has left me unsatisfied with my habit today. Realizing this is what got me to adopt a new style of living.

I’ve incorporated a couple techniques for my exercise routine because procrastination makes an occasional guest appearance, making me question if it’s worth working out that day.  The key reason for this vulnerability is time. I enjoy the satisfaction I receive from a good work out, but do I really want to spend 45 minutes on the treadmill, that’s so much time. What if I get bored?

Recognizing this, I’ve started distracting myself during my exercise routines so the time flies by. I alternate sessions by either listening to podcasts or watching 30-45 mins YouTube videos. These last few sessions, I compiled a list of 4 NBA game highlights and just pressed play. I spend a lot of time watching things on my phone, so why not exercise while I’m doing it?

This month has been a roller coaster in regards to my weight loss. The major factor is the two vacations I took this month, a planned one to New Orleans and a surprise one to Seattle due to family concerns. While I enjoy a vacation as much as the next guy, it introduces a new problem of maintaining my diet. Vacation mode means frequent restaurant food and alcohol. I want to have fun, but I don’t want to gain all the weight I lost. I was 212 lbs at the start of October and I’m hovering around 210 lbs, which doesn’t look great on paper. However, my weight loss tracker on MyFitnessPal shows the opposite. I log my weight every Sunday and the graph looks like a steep mountain range.

Have I hit a wall?
Is it because too much vacation mode?
Is it just a bad health month because of Halloween?

Those questions have been bouncing around in my head for awhile, because it seems like I’m going nowhere fast. It’s easy for me to get into my head and convince myself this effort is all for nothing and go back to my sedentary lifestyle…

But then something great happened.

This past Sunday I went to a wedding. While I was deciding what to wear, my girlfriend pointed out a shirt she’s never seen me wear before. I threw that shirt in the back of my closet and honestly forgot about it. The reason for that is I was self-conscious about wearing it because it was a bit too small when I bought it. I just told myself I lose some weight and them wear it; a goal that I set myself and promptly ignored. Well, now that I tried it’s too big.

In fact, none of my formal wear fit me anymore. While it sucks I’ll have to spend a lot of money to get new clothes, it honestly feels amazing that I can see the progress I’ve made. Looking at myself in the mirror with that shirt I’ve never worn unlocked a sense of happiness and reward I’ve never felt before. It also gave me inspiration to keep pressing on this effort, but it’s nice to notice a transformation in the making.


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