Where Do I Go From Here?

It’s been about a year and a half since I published my last blog no one has read. Back in those days, I was a starry-eyed college kid about to graduate with a degree of which I couldn’t even remember the name. Final semester: one more obstacle between me and that degree, create a website and post a Public Relations-related blog each week. Every week I spat out half-assed blogs that barely reached the criteria set by my professor. The only reason I even created a website was to get a passing grade in a class that may have not been that important in the long run.

In the weeks leading up to graduation, my professor constantly reminded us to keep updating our blogs in order to maintain writing skills and increase marketability for job prospects. I even tried to convince myself to keep this blog train chugging.

“Blogging is a great avenue for creativity. Employers love seeing writing samples. You are a writer after all…”

I graduated from college in May 2017…the last blog I posted was in April 2017. I basically treated my blog like an old acquaintance you happen to run into at the store.

“We should catch up sometime.”

“Yeah, definitely!”

*proceeds to never talk again*

So why am I coming back?

Is it an attempt to increase my employment value by showing off the creative writing skills I think I possess?

Is it because I strive to be an award-winning Hollywood writer who was discovered by his sarcastic, self-deprecating blogs?
One can hope.

Is it because creative writing is an incredibly fast-paced and ever-changing environment and one needs to give their utmost attention to maintain the craft and stay with the pack?

I have a lot of thoughts and not a lot of people interested in listening to my earth-shattering ideas. I need another avenue for expression and the internet is a fantastic tool to convey my thoughts and emotions into words not just for my expression, but as a way to keep my brain thinking and adapting to new trends and ideas.

It’s simply good for the soul.

So my plan is to post one new blog each month, and it that doesn’t satiate my hunger to write, then I’ll just increase my output. My topics will cover a multitude of ranges, but I’ll stay away from anything too controversial, such as divisive political and religious topics.

What’s important is staying on top of this creative writing aspect. I did obtain a degree in this field after all. Might as well put some use into it.


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